The First Women’s Co-op in Manbij: The House of Delight

The Women’s Committee in Manbij [Minbic / Mumbuj] formed a co-operative for women on 6 September in co-ordination with the Economic Committee. It included a number of women who will make winter foods and distribute them to the markets. The co-operative includes 10 workers who joined as members by buying 16 shares. The co-operative will aim to support the women’s

The Economy has Improved and Self-Sufficiency Achieved with Development of Communes and Cooperatives

The cooperative societies in Tirbespiye [Tirbespî / Al-Qahtaniyah] have contributed to improving the economy and include big segments of the society, with women being most of the participants. This is thanks to the communes from which the cooperative societies were formed. Since the start of the formation of communes in Rojava – North Syria, the people of
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Exclusive: Interview with Kongreya Star’s Women’s Economic Committee

Kongreya Star is the umbrella structure of the entire women’s movement in Rojava. They are mainly active in initiating and supporting women-only cooperatives. This interview was carried out in March of 2016 and has recently been uncovered. Could you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do here? Here in this

After a Year of Hard Work, this Women’s Cooperative Harvested its Crops

A women’s agricultural cooperative in Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli] finished its harvest and the dividends will be distributed equally among the all the members. The cooperative planted 420 hectares of agricultural land in Qamisho, of which 180 hectares was in the village of Himo that belongs to Qamishlo. 70 hectares of land were planted with

An Agricultural Project to Support the Women’s Economy and Break the Siege

The Women’s Committee in the People’s Council has been supporting agriculture and planning to implement more agricultural projects managed by women. Among the many projects of the Women’s Committee in the People’s Council in Hasakah [Hesekê / Hesîçe / Al-Hasakah] is an agricultural project in the Al-Mufti neighbourhood of Hasakah. The project started six months ago, and

Developing the Women’s Economy in East Aleppo with a Cleaning Products Workshop

Members of the Women’s Association for Training and Awareness Raising in the Baydeen neighbourhood in eastern Aleppo have opened a project for the production of cleaning products in order to develop the women’s economy and to create jobs for as many women as possible, to help them become independent and self-reliant. Women in eastern Aleppo lived through terrible

Women are Building and Improving the Communal Economy in North Syria

Many members who participated in The First Conference of Women’s Economy in North Syria mentioned that women are increasingly participating in economic life, building and improving the communal economy, which in turn benefits society and helps meet people’s needs. 150 delegates participated in the conference from both Kobane [Kobanî] and Jazira [Cizîrê‎ / Cezîre] Cantons, and also from Manbij [Minbic /

This Four-Woman Dairy Cooperative in North Syria Works Together Like a Family

  Four women are working like a family in a dairy cooperative in Qamishlo [Qamişlo / Qamishli / Al-Qamishli], to develop the communal economy. Since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, people have made big and important steps in organising and forming communes and cooperative societies. The communal life is the basis of developing the society; it is

The Rojava Revolution: The Revolution of Economic Achievements and Return to Communal Economy

After the announcement of the Democratic Self Administration in 2014, institutions were organised and local councils and committees were formed which concentrated their efforts on the economic situation in the region. One of the missions of the Economic Committee was to support the agricultural, industrial and commercial projects throughout Rojava, with the aim of reaching self-sufficiency, curbing monopoly and exploitation, reducing unemployment and activating the work force, both male and female.
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Bakur: The Fate of Women’s Projects is Unclear

Following the top-down appointment of an administration in the municipality of Nusaybin, Mardin, the future of the ‘Women’s Labour Market’, a project named ‘Jiyana bê sînor’ (Life without limits) is uncertain. The project had been designed with the goals of increasing female employment and creating solidarity between women subjected to all kinds of violence and

Construction Work Continues in Jinwar, the first Women’s Village in the Middle East

DIRBÊSIYÊ- Construction work continues in Jinwar, the first women’s village in the Middle East. In every new construction in the village, women’s hope for freedom increases. Rojava women, who began their journey with the motto, “The Rojava revolution is a women’s revolution”, appear as fighters or sometimes as politicians. The Rojava revolution has already come to
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Communes form the Foundation of Rojava’s Federal System

TIL TEMIR – In Rojava, historical developments in military, political and social areas are taking place. In Rojava, where a new life is being built led by women, communes are being formed in which all peoples take part. Life is reactivating in Rojava on the basis of a democratic nation. This takes place as the