Make Rojava Green Again – Book Launch

Date:25 Nov 2018 - 5-7pm
Location:DJAM Lecture Theatre SOAS Russell Square Campus

In the midst of a devastating civil war, Kurds in Northern Syria, are building a multi-cultural society based on feminism, ecology, and direct democracy. How can these ideas lead to a lasting peace in the Middle East? What are their implications for radical politics in the West? What is is about the social structures of Rojava that inspires the fierce loyalty of its defenders and its people?

Join Debbie Bookchin and David Graeber at the DJAM Lecture Theatre SOAS Russell Square Campus to discuss these issues Sunday November 25 from 5PM to 7PM at an event to launch the new publication Make Rojava Green Again by the Internationalist Commune in Rojava. The book will be available to buy and all proceeds from sales of the book support the work of the Internationalist Commune.

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