Co-operatives as Tools of Liberation: Session at Ways Forward 7

Date:5 Apr 2019 - 5 Apr 2019
Location:Methodist Church, Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester

Co-operation in Mesopotamia project coordinator Jo Taylor will host Sacajawea Hall (co-founder of Co-operation Jackson, Mississippi) and Huriye Semdin (general representative of Real Economy in Northern Syria for Aboriya Jin, Women’s Economy Committee) at a special session called Co-operatives as Tools of Liberation at the annual Ways Forward conference in Manchester.

During the session, the three participants will be presenting and discussing their strategies and challenges via the internet. The afternoon workshop session is part of a day-long programme of workshops and speakers at Ways Forward 7, which this year has been inspired by lots of things that have been attracting attention in recent times: the rise of ‘new municipalism’ epitomised by what’s happening in cities as diverse as Preston and Barcelona; grassroots activism centred around ideas of the solidarity economy and community wealth building; the ongoing buzz around the potential of platform co-operatives; the Labour and Co-op Parties’ shared ambition to double the size of the co-operative economy.

To attend the session, you’ll need to purchase a conference ticket – more information including the full programme is available here –