Worker Co-op Weekend Online

Date:16 May 2020 - 4:30-5pm UK time

This session forms part of the Worker Co-op Weekend 2020 (online)

The physical Worker Co-op Weekend event has been cancelled due to COVID-19, but in the spirit of self-organising and collaboration they are running sessions on the same dates – with an international feel!

Co-operation in Mesopotamia will be running the following session in order to announce the launch of our new campaign

Campaign Launch: Water for Rojava

Supporting the Co-operative, Ecological and Feminist Revolution

We are launching a big cooperative-led crowdfunding campaign for vital water projects in North-East Syria (also known by its Kurdish name Rojava) – repairing infrastructure damaged by bombs, supporting women’s co-ops, helping build up the region’s self-reliance. Despite climate change, a global pandemic and ongoing attacks, people in Rojava are still living cooperatively, rebuilding their lives, their ecology and their economy. And we can help.

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