The Women of Euphrates

The Women of Euphrates Co-operative in Tabqa will produce wool and beads, and recycle textile and cardboard boxes. It includes five machines for sewing and embroidery. The co-operative has 18 members, both men and women. More people are able to join, and the minimum price for a share is 10,000 SYP [about £15]. The co-operative is near the cultural centre. Najma, who is involved with organising the co-op, said that a lot women want to join. The budget for the project is about 1,000,000 SYP, and it is due to open in January 2019.

The House of Co-operatives in Tabqa Opens More Women’s Economy Projects

The House of Co-operatives that belongs to the Economic Committee in the Democratic Administration of Tabqa is working to improve the communal economy, which benefits all members of society, especially women. The communal economy solves social problems such as unemployment, and empowers women.