The Martyr Bawer Commune Electricity Co-operative

The Martyr Bawer Commune was established in January 2015. In early May of that year, one report noted that a community center had been opened for the commune. Weeks later, another described one project that the commune’s Economy Committee had undertaken — the establishment of a 23-member electricity co-operative.

According to this report in Kurdish dated 5 May 2015:

The Economy Committee of the Martyr Bawer Commune, which is comprised of three members, has completed electrical projects in the village, and in this way resolved the issue of electricity for homes of commune members in the village. This project has been presented to all members of the commune. 23 women, as members of a co-operative, have joined.

The women collected 725,000 Syrian lira, purchased a generator for 720,000, and brought electricity to the villagers. Members of the co-operative also collected money to purchase electric cables. The women’s co-operative brings electricity to 80 families in the village, each of which pays 500 Syrian lira a week. The profits of the project return equally to all members of the co-operative…

The generator runs for six hours per day and provides electricity to the villagers. The supervisor of the women’s project, Ehlam Umer, said that their main goal was to resolve the problem of electricity in the village. Two women, Ciwana Mihemed and Xalîde Ibish, said that the project was very good work, and that it benefitted citizens of the village.

Building the Women’s Revolution: Women’s Communes in Efrîn Canton

Before the Turkish occupation, Efrîn was a center of the ‘women’s revolution’ that North and East Syria has become famous for. Women’s institutions based on direct democracy and aimed at addressing gender inequality and other social challenges were active, and laws and policies mandating political equality had been put into practice. Efrîn Canton saw minimal