Make Rojava Green Again

Make Rojava Green Again is the ecological campaign of the Internationalist Commune .

“We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, want to contribute to the ecological
revolution in Northern Syria. To this end, we have started the campaign “Make Rojava
Green Again”, campaign in cooperation with the Ecology Committee of the Cizire
Canton. The campaign has three aspects:

  1. Building up the Internationalist Academy with an ecological ethos, to serve as
    a working example for comparable projects and concepts for the entire
    society. The academy will facilitate education for internationalists and for the
    general population of Rojava, to strengthen awareness and environmental
    consciousness, pushing to build up an ecological society.
  2. Joining the work of ecological projects for reforestation, and building up a
    cooperative tree nursery as part of the Internationalist Academy.
  3. Material support for existing and future ecological projects of the Democratic
    Self-administration, including sharing of knowledge between activists, scientists and experts with committees and structures in Rojava, developing a long-term perspective for an ecological Northern Syria Federation.

The first two concrete projects of the “Make Rojava Green Again” campaign are:

  • Realization of the concepts of an ecological life and work in the Internationalist
    Academy, partly with the building up a nursery as a part of the Academy. In the
    spring of 2018, we will plant 2,000 trees in the area of the academy, and 50,000
    shoots in the nursery.
  • Practical and financial support for the Committee for Natural Conservation in the
    reforestation of the Hayaka natural reserve, near the city of Derik, in Cizire Canton.
    Over the next five years, we plan to plant more then 50,000 trees along the
    shores of Sefan Lake.

The collective work in the nursery will also be a part of the education in the
internationalist academy, as well as a concrete expression of solidarity with the
communes, institutions, and structures of the population.”

“We will defend this life, we will resist on this land”

The history of the Kurdistan, the ecological way of life of the people, the effects of the attacks, and the methods of resistance, are intrinsically related. In order to make them more understandable, we focused our report on the area of Koçerata. This region, its people and civil infrastructures in particular, were heavily targeted by Turkish airstrikes in winter 2023-2024.

Summer 2023 Gallery by Make Rojava Green Again

The multiple faces of the revolution

The people of Rojava and North-east Syria gave a lot of sacrifices, struggled so much and built so much with their own hands. They are connected to this revolution in such a way that it’s a part of them.

The world can learn from the Rojava revolution

Let’s reflect on the great achievements of the Rojava revolution in north and east Syria in the face of great adversity: the unification of communities deliberately divided on the basis of religion and ethnicity by dictatorial states and the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist movements alike; the liberation and empowerment of women in the face of the reactionary rollbacks imposed by the later; the embryonic attempts to reorganise the economy on a cooperative and ecologically sustainable basis; and the establishment of inclusive grassroots democracy based on the democratic confederalist ideas developed by long-imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Spring 2023 Gallery by Make Rojava Green Again