Lilith Café and Restaurant

The Lilith Café and Restaurant opened in Qamishlo in early autumn 2022 with the support of the Peoples’ Assembly and the Women’s Bureau. At the café and restaurant, women cook and sell local dishes. A worker member of the café and restaurant, Wehda Kinêhir, said, “Our aim was to offer health and local dishes because we wanted to be different. We cook local dishes such as stuffed meatballs, kalle-pache and dolma. We always keep our kitchen and restaurant clean because it is important for us. We also cook dishes for weddings and special days when we receive orders from our people.” The project aims to support women to gain their economic independence. Seven women currently work at the restaurant (December 2022), all of whom are experienced and experts in cooking.

‘Nûjiyan’ to provide safe space for women

The Women’s Office of Municipal Councils in the Cizîrê region has started the construction of buildings to provide safe space for women as part of its ‘Nûjiyan (English: New Life)’ project. “The door of Nûjiyan will be open to all women.”

New projects developed for women in Qamishlo

New projects allow women to participate in life stronger in Qamishlo. Lilith café and restaurant is one of these projects. The café, run by women, was opened two months ago in the city.