KED Research Cooperative

KED Research Cooperative is an ambitious co-operative which aims to collect socio-economic data in Kurdistan, assemble inventories and become a place for academic collaboration. The co-op is considered a first in many ways. ‘KED’ means labour in Kurdish.

The co-op planned to begin activities in 2016 with a board meeting, but it is unclear whether the co-op then formed.

The constitution of the research committee requires its members to be university graduates, yet a representative from KED stated that their most important principle is to break the hierarchy of age and knowledge that can be observed in the academic community. KED has also been discussed within the framework of an academy or institute.

Ecology in Times of War

In 2021, too, the war in Kurdistan has a great impact on the struggle for an ecological society there. So we need to take a closer look at how these two issues relate to each other and what an ecological stance can look like in times of war. To that end, Make Rojava Green Again conducted an interview with Kamuran Akın from Humboldt University in Berlin.

Economic Self-Governance in Democratic Autonomy: The Example of Bakur (Turkish Kurdistan)

This article aims to analyse the economic dimension of Democratic Autonomy, whose creation is projected to take place alongside politics, self-defence, diplomacy, culture, ecology and collective emancipation, and relates to the reader the arguments and experiences within the economic field.