Girê Spî Refugee Camp Vegetable Co-operative

The Girê Spî Refugee Camp Administration established the co-operative to grow summer vegetables to meet the needs of the camp residents. Mohammed El Sheikh is the co-chair of Girê Spî Refugee Camp and is involved with running the project. The camp management allocated 60 decares of land to the newly established co-operative and started cultivation of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons in April 2020. There are also plans to make preparations for winter agriculture soon. Ten families who are experienced in vegetable farming are working on the project. Families appointed by the management for planting and harvesting started to sell their harvested vegetables at reasonable prices in the shops in the camp.

Refugees in Girê Spî Camp Set Up Vegetable Co-operative

60 decares of land was allocated to the newly established co-operative.