Qoser / Kızıltepe

Qoser (Kurdish) / Kızıltepe (Turkish) /دنيصر (Arabic) / Koçhisar‎ or Tell-Ermen (meaning “Armenian hill” in Ottoman Turkish), is a town and a district of Mardin Province. As of 2014, the town had an official population of 225,888. Most of the population are Kurdish but there are also some Arabic, Turkish and Christian communities.

Ecology Discussions and Practices in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle

Ecology is one of the three pillars of the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, the political-theoretical concept of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Besides democracy and gender liberation, ecology has been mentioned explicitly as a dimension in this concept since 2005. However to date, ecology is less discussed and practiced than the two other pillars.

Strengthening the change in ecological awareness!

Since the beginning of 2015, "Mesopotamia Ecology Movement", which was formed in 2011, has entered an important process of restructuring itself. Under a new structure and with profounder political claims, more and more people are getting involved for a more ecological society, producing a new dynamic which will have short- and long-term positive effects on Northern Kurdistan.