Bazarcix‎ / Pazarcık

Bazarcix‎ (Kurdish) / Pazarcık (Turkish) is primarily a farming town in the Maraş province, and contains a large number of scattered fields. The population was 28,582 in 2008 according to the official census. Around 60% of the inhabitants of the region are of Alevi origin. Few members of the female population are covered. Most of the income of the inhabitants of the area is through agriculture (especially cotton and wheat) though the size of the region has meant that number of service jobs have increased.

Strengthening the change in ecological awareness!

Since the beginning of 2015, "Mesopotamia Ecology Movement", which was formed in 2011, has entered an important process of restructuring itself. Under a new structure and with profounder political claims, more and more people are getting involved for a more ecological society, producing a new dynamic which will have short- and long-term positive effects on Northern Kurdistan.