Kongra Star releases short documentary about HPC-Jin: “We are our strength”

This video was released by Kongra Star via Women Defend Rojava on 10 January, 2023

Kongra Star released a short documentary about the HPC-Jin (Civil Women Protection Units).

Since the revolution in Rojava, women have been active and involved in the struggle on all fronts of life.

In this short documentary, you will get a glimpse into the life of a HPC – Jin member (Women’s Civil Defence Units). In the spirit of the people’s revolutionary struggle and participatory democracy, she organizes her neighborhood.

In 2012, the revolutionary process for the transformation of society started in Rojava. The aim is to build democratic confederalism based on women’s liberation, ecology and direct democracy.

Legitimate self-defense in which the whole society is taking part, is one of the important principles of the revolution. In the context of the revolutionary people’s war, the Civil Protection Units (HPC) and its autonomous women’s structure (HPC-Jin) were created.

Video with English subtitles: