Preparing women’s contract in NE, Syria in coming months

This report was published by Hawar News on 7 March, 2024

Fawza Youssef indicated that work on preparing a women’s contract will begin in Norh and East Syria in the coming months.

A member of the Presidential Body of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Fawza Youssef, spoke to ANHA’s agency about the importance of the social contract for women and preparations for preparing the women’s contract.

Fawza Youssef considered the social contract “a very important step for women,” and said: “The social contract achieved a legal revolution in which justice prevailed. The established constitutions were based on the male mentality, so men’s laws were imposed on women, but this contract guarantees and preserves women’s rights. It is the freedom contract between women and men will be the beginning of building the women’s system, and the contract includes an article that stipulates that women will build their own system.”

“In the face of the patriarchal system, the women’s system will be built.”

Fawza Youssef pointed out the dominance of the system of sexism, hegemony, dictatorship and reactionaryism in the world, so women must build their own system. She said about this system: “It will be a democratic, environmental and confederal system, in which all components live freely and the will of women is expressed directly. The social contract paved the way for this, as it is considered the first step in building a system for women, and women must build their system in all areas of life. The male system oppressed, suppressed and destroyed women. It is hostile to women, and those with this mentality kill women and push them to commit suicide, destroy their psyches, displace them, commit massacres against them, and assault them. All of this indicates that the patriarchal system cannot serve women’s freedom, so women must build a system that is compatible with their interests, freedom, rights, and laws. Women must organize their ranks first, spread awareness of freedom, and struggle together to build this democratic and equal system.”

Women’s contract preparations

Fawza Youssef explained that they are preparing for the women’s contract that was mentioned in the social contract for the northern and eastern region of Syria, and she continued her talk on this topic, saying: “We are discussing the issue of building this system. According to the social contract, a council is formed that will serve as a parliament and a system for women, and the social contract also stipulates To restructure the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, to work in accordance with the articles of the contract.

According to the social contract, from now on, we must organize the women’s confederation system and prepare the women’s social contract. If we do not conclude a contract of freedom among us women, we will not be able to make men recognize our rights, because unfortunately sexism still prevails in our lives and our society, and women are exposed to attacks on a daily basis. It is true that important steps have been taken in the region, but it cannot yet be said that they have guaranteed all of its rights. To guarantee our rights, we must build a women’s system. We must form our women’s councils, manage ourselves democratically, engage in Autonomous Administration with this democratic force, and participate in decision-making and explaining the world from a woman’s point of view and the democratization of the current system with a women’s system, and according to the discussions and plan, the women’s movements will, in the coming months, develop a plan based on the social contract and begin this process.”

“We must set a prototype for building a global women’s system.”

Fawza Youssef pointed out that if the construction of the women’s system in Rojava is completely completed, it will be a step towards a global women’s democratic confederation, and she said: “We have to play a pioneering role in building the global women’s system and form a prototype for it. There are many women’s movements around the world and they must work and struggle together within a common system. The women’s issue is a global and humanitarian issue. Just as the global international was built in the twentieth century, building a global women’s democratic confederation is necessary for women. The system of male domination is corrupt and worn out on all accounts, as it commits massacres all over the world, and it is time for women to say ‘enough’ to this failed system and take a common position. This requires organization, guidance and a global women’s point of view. Our strength lies in our organization, and the global women’s democratic confederation that leader APO spoke about is the path to women’s salvation. Women will not be able to withstand. “And resistance is not built against this system of male domination, a global democratic confederation. Just as the male state system formed NATO, the United Nations and other alliances, women must form a democratic union.”

“We will decorate March 8 with women’s voices, character, and demands.”

A member of the Presidential Body of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Fawza Youssef, stressed that women can change the world with their free awareness, and with regard to participation in the activities of March 8, she issued this call: “We will make this March 8 the beginning of building the democratic women’s system in the North and East Syria, and I call on women to transform all areas of life into arenas of resistance, and to raise their voices loudly against injustice, sexual fanaticism, oppression and persecution. Women can change the world with their free consciousness, and on all women in North and East Syria: Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Circassian, Turkmen and Armenian. “Embrace their revolution, and we will decorate March 8 everywhere with women’s voices, their character, and their demands.”