Supreme Economic Council to be founded in NE Syria

This report by Jindar Abdulqader was published by North Press Agency on 21 February, 2022

Co-chair of the Economy Board of North and East Syria, Salman Barudo, said yesterday they are about to [found] the Supreme Economic Council in Syria’s northeast.

This aims to “set strategic plans and determine the future economic policy of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES),” he told North Press.   

This came at the end of the first annual conference of the Economy and Agriculture Board of North and East Syria that was held in Hasakah-based Sardam Center for Culture.

The conference has come up with 19 outcomes the most notable of which are finding fuel stations specified for agriculture and secure needs in time, activating public property management in order to stop violations in addition to repairing and rehabilitating irrigation pipes and constructing water resources with modern methods and ways.

The conference also recommended that colleges and institutions specialized in trade and economy are opened within the AANES’ universities in addition to activating the ration control.

“We have been preparing for this conference for a while, and it is the first conference of the Economy and Agriculture Board of North and East Syria,” Barudo added.

The conference was held with the participation of attendees of Economy Board of North and East Syria, the economical committees along with different committees and boards of all regions, the Peasants Union and Cooperatives.

“All are participating in this conference in order to express their stances and evaluate the condition and faults the board committed in order to overcome them in the future.”

He stressed that many key projects and programs for the future are under study.

“In light of the exceptional situation we are witnessing in our fight against ISIS, those programs need help and support by the international organizations and residents,” he noted.

“During battles erupted in the region, many service institutions in the region and economy were harmed so we urgently need international support,” Barudo added.