Municipality works to solve water shortage problem in Shaddadi

This report was published by ANF English on 9 July, 2020

Since the invading Turkish state and its mercenary allies have interrupted the work of Elûk (Alouk) Water Station many times, serious water problems occur in the region.

Shaddadi People’s Council tries to alleviate the water shortage of the residents of the region with tankers.

The municipality has 8 water tankers; it has also signed a monthly contract with 15 extra private water tankers. Water tankers come from Hesekê through the Communes and are delivered to 600 villages with 23 tankers. Five barrels cost 500 Syrian lira [around 20p].

Huseyin al Taan, co-mayor of Shedade People’s Council, told ANHA: “When water stations in Shaddadi are repaired, water shortages will be resolved in Hesekê and its southern villages. Since the Turkish state and its mercenary allies cut water at Elûk Water Station for 7 times, the region started to experience water shortage. There are no drinking water wells in Shedadê nor in its villages. Therefore, we have to bring water from Hesekê, which is 6 hours away.”