Kiosk bookstores in 7 cities and provinces of Rojava provide quicker access to books

This report by Nûjiyan Adar was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 11 November, 2023

Kiosk bookstores were established in 7 cities and provinces of Rojava to provide quicker access to books, magazines and newspapers, as well as to spread the reading culture.

With the kiosk bookstores project launched in Rojava in 2019, the people of Kobanê, Hesekê, Amûdê, Qamishlo, Tirbêspiyê, Rimêlan and Dêrîk can easily access the books, magazines and newspapers they want through kiosk bookstores.

In the kiosk bookstores, which include books in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac languages, there are books in the genres of poetry, stories and novels, as well as the defense and analysis of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

It is possible to find magazines and newspapers as well as books in the kiosks, which stand out for their language richness. Şermola, Mizgîn, Lêkolînên Strategic, Şarkul Avsat, Sîwan Magazine, Serxwebûn, El Surî, Ronahî and Rojava newspapers are also delivered to the public. The prices of the books vary between 5 and 30 thousand Syrian liras (£0.27 – £1.70). In addition to stationery supplies, the kiosks addressed by the court also play the role of petition sellers.

Hemrîn Fethî Osman (24) is one of the people to find in the kiosk bookstores in Qamishlo. Pointing out that books are easily accessible to the public through kiosk bookstores located in the busiest places of cities and districts, Hemrîn said: “We are in direct communication with the public with the kiosk bookstores project initiated to spread the reading culture. We have books, magazines and newspapers in different languages and genres. “Of course, we also have stationery for readers to take notes and to meet the needs of students.”

Noting that they are open between 9am and 4pm in the winter months and until late hours in other seasons, Hemrîn said she was pleased with the interest in the kiosk.