Agricultural Projects for Displaced Women from Serêkaniyê

Washokanî & Serekaniye Camps Women’s Agriculture Project

Agricultural project for women on a total of 5,800 decares of land in Washokanî and Serekaniye camps in Hasakah, for displaced people who fled the Turkish invasion of Serekaniye in October 2019.

This report was published by ANF English on 1 January, 2021

Kongreya Star Women’s Economy Committee has developed agricultural projects for the immigrant women from Serêkaniyê on 5,800 decares of agricultural land.

The North and East Syrian Women’s Economy Committee develops projects such as workshops, bakeries and co-operatives to boost the women’s economy.

In addition to these projects launched to enable self-earning and employment opportunities for women displaced from Serêkaniyê, approximately 5,800 decares of agricultural land was reserved for women.

More than 70 immigrants, including the wives and mothers of the martyrs living in the Washokani and Serêkaniyê camps benefit from the projects. Each woman has 45 acres and each pays 150,000 Syrian lira to benefit from it.

After the products are collected, profit sharing is done in the following way: 25% is given to the association fund affiliated to the committee, and 75% to the women participating in the project.

Nicime Eli Hesen, from the village of El-Menacir in Serêkaniyê, who lives in the Washokani Camp, said; “Thanks to these projects, we provide our own livelihood. We were forced to migrate from our homes and today we have only one tent.”

Nicime Eli positively evaluated this project presented to women by the Konreya Star and Economy Committee.

Cemile Xidir El-Eli, the mother of a martyred fighter, stated that she and a group of women living in the camp participated in the project and that it was a positive development for them.

“After holding extensive meetings, it was proposed to provide support to migrant women through agricultural projects, so the committee undertook this project,” said Armanc Mihemed, from the Management of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Women’s Economic Committee.