Women to realize wheat, tandoori projects this year

This report by Sorgul Şêxo was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 4 January, 2022

Kongra Star’s Women’s Economy Committee continues to develop projects to empower women’s economy. Zehra Mihemed gave information about their works and told [Jinha News] that they will put their wheat and tandoori projects into effect in 2022.

Preparation for 2022

Speaking about their projects in 2021, Zehra Mihemed said, “We developed agricultural projects due to the weather conditions last year. We have women’s tandoori cooperatives in three villages and districts. According to our plans, we will start chicken farms in 2022. We will begin to hold meetings in villages to start these farms. We will hold training courses for women on chicken farming. Then, we will start our projects in villages.” 

Wheat projects

Speaking about their wheat and barley cultivation projects, Zehra Mihemed said, “We have already begun to distribute the seeds of wheat and barley. We will start our project first in Til Şinan, an Assyrian village [in Til Temir], because it was bombed last year. We planted wheat seeds in 2020 and 2021.”

Drought affects the crop yields

Stating that drought has affected the crop yields in the region, Zehra Mihemed said, “The lack of rainfall in two years has severely affected farming and livestock. The lack of rainfall causes drought and affects agriculture. We want to plan wheat for both people and animals.”

Women work for the cooperatives

Underlining that 960 acres of the three thousand 526 acres of land belonging to the women’s cooperatives, Zehra Mihemed continued to talk as follows: “18 women work for these cooperatives. Most of these women lost their husbands or children. In Serêkaniyê, refugee women and poor women work for the cooperatives. In 2022, we will continue to resist the occupation attempts. We will defend our lands.”

The video below unfortunately does not yet contain English subtitles.