Women plant 4,000 trees in Mele Merzê village

Jîyan Project

A Kongra Star women’s agricultural project supported by Water for Rojava (W4R) covering 400 hectares between 9 villages close to Derik. The are growing tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, aubergine, parsley, peas, garlic, sunflower, okra. They plant first in greenhouses then transfer seedlings to the land. There are two historic wells from the Regime times with

This report was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 1 March, 2023

Economy Committee of Kongra Star in the Cizîrê region planted 4,000 trees in the Mele Merzê village of Dêrik as part of the “Jiyan” project.

The Economy Committee of Kongra Star in the Cizîrê region has put the “Jiyan” (English: Life) project into practice in the Mele Merzê village of Dêrik after two-year efforts. As part of the project, women members of Kongra Star, the Martyrs’ Families Council and the Economy Committee of Kongra Star planted 4,000 trees, including olives, figs, persimmons and grape trees, in the village today.

‘The Women’s Economic Committee has achieved new success’

Souad Mustafa, the mother of Hevrin Khalaf and member of the Martyrs’ Families Council, made a speech saying, “We have been realizing the projects in March. Most of our actions are for the physical freedom of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan). Today, we are planting trees to mark the International Women’s Day. As members of the Martyrs’ Families Council, we participate in this activity organized by the Women’s Economic Committee in order to realize the Jiyan project. The Women’s Economic Committee has achieved new success by developing this project. Women support each other for women’s economic empowerment.”

 ‘We will not accept surrender’

Pointing to the ongoing attacks on the region, Souad Mustafa said, “When the invaders attack the people and their lands, they first target the economy. Therefore, we decided to launch more projects to strengthen the economy of the region. We dedicate this project to leader Apo and all women.  If we do not strengthen our economy, we become dependent on foreign countries. We will never accept surrender.”

Meyas Farûq, member of the Economy Committee of Kongra Star in Dêrik, also made a speech, saying, “We will guarantee a new life by realizing this project. We will take steps to build a new life between March 1 and March 8.”

After the speeches, women planted trees.

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