Successful Projects Help Women’s Economy

Lara Bakery Qamishlo

Women's bakery co-operatives opened by the Women's Economy are operating in Qamishlo and Amude under the name "Lara". 

This report was published by ANF English on 29 September, 2019

On 17 August 2018, the Kongreya Star Economy Committee opened the Lara cake shop in the neighborhood Enteriyê, east of Qamishlo, to promote women’s economy.

Women aged 19 to 40 work in the Lara business center between 9am to 4pm. Working hours may increase when special orders are made for holidays and celebrations.

The business center is not limited to Qamishlo city center but also receives orders from Girkê Legê, Tirbespiyê and Dêrik regions.

Kongreya Star Economy Committee provides the necessary facilities for the operation of the mill. On the other hand, 10 percent of the profit from production is shared among the employees, while 50 percent is given to the women’s economic committee.

‘We united and we succeed’

Stating that she has been working as a confectioner for 12 years, Reşe Abdullah is now responsible for the work of the Lara business center with the experience she has learned in Lebanon.

Reşe Abdullah recalled that the workshop was opened in order to improve the women’s economy. “Today, our project succeded because we got together to work”, she told ANHA.

Reşe also stated that they keep fair prices for the sweets, pastry and cakes they produce.

High demand

Iman Mehmud al-Casim, another employee, said: “I especially liked this work with women. We help each other by acting together. We have high demand for our product.”

Many projects implemented by the Kongreya Star Economy Committee for the development of women’s economy have achieved successful results.