Local production provides food self-sufficiency

This report was published by ANF English on 23 June, 2021. It has been lightly edited for spelling and grammar.

Vegetable greenhouse projects promoted in Heseke provide food self-sufficiency in the region.

Prices of fundamental products are increasing every day due to embargo imposed by the Damascus government and the Turkish state on Northern and Eastern Syria. Therefore, promoting self-production in the region is a great help to the economy.

Food self-sufficiency of the region is increasing thanks to support for greenhouse projects in Heseke. Nine hangars have been placed in the greenhouse set up on a 5-decare field in Til Temir. The greenhouse produces a lot and the authorities carry on the work to develop this type of project.

Ismet Mihemed, one of the executives in the project, told ANHA that they have achieved significant results with this project, which is in its third year. He added that they adopt natural production principles and avoid hormonal production. He also said that the project meets the majority of vegetable needs in Til Temir, and added that they also manage to send vegetable to the Heseke market.

Pointing out that weekly production is of 2 tons of tomato and 2 tons of cucumber, Mihemed said that this amount of production meets an important part of the need in the region. He also said that they want to improve the project and add watermelon to the products.

Mihemed called on local people to support this kind of projects and stressed that improving such projects is necessary to provide self-sufficiency in the region.