Lavin Sewing Workshop Co-op in Rojava Provides 500 Medical Scrubs Daily for Free

Lavîn Workshop Hasakah

The Lavin Workshop is a textile co-operative in Hasakah.

This report was published by Hawar News on 14 April, 2020

In the context of the community initiatives undertaken by the people of northern and eastern Syria, “Lavin” sewing workshop produces 500 pieces of medical scrubs on a daily basis as an aid to doctors and hospitals.

In light of the curfew imposed in the regions of northern and eastern Syria to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus, community activities in the region continue to provide humanitarian initiatives through which all segments of society are targeted.

In this context, the “Lavin” sewing workshop in al-Hasakah city are sewing medical scrubs for doctors and nurses to prevent corona virus.

Haifa Hamo, a worker in the workshop, explained to Hawar News that they had undertaken this initiative since the spread of the Corona virus in the world, and added, “Our goal of this initiative is to help doctors and hospitals.”

Haifa Hamo noted, “This initiative is free of charge without any financial consideration, and they are working on sewing approximately 500 pieces of medical coats on a daily basis.” She indicated that they are facing difficulties in securing the fabric, and said, “We hope that it will be provided to us as soon as possible so as not to stop working.”

In conclusion, Haifa Hamo appealed to the international and humanitarian organizations to enter all areas of north and east Syria to help the people in light of the conditions this region is going through.