Kindergartens opened by Kongreya Star help children grow up in a healthy environment

This report was published by ANF English on 19 November, 2021

Kongreya Star’s Aleppo Office continues to open kindergartens to reduce the burden of working women and to help children grow up in a healthy environment.

Kongreya Star Aleppo Office opened the Beraim El Musteqbel (Buds of Future) in the Ashrafiyah district of Aleppo and Ezhar El Musteqbel (Flowers of Future) in Sheikh Maqsoud 5 years ago.


Children in kindergarten spend time with their peers throughout the day. This contributes to their social and emotional development.

At kindergartens, children understand that there is a life outside of their life at home, and they recognize the rules of this different life. Children realize that there is another world outside the safe environment at home and they feel confident. They develop an independent personality which gives them strength.

Although there are some difficulties in the first days of the adaptation period, children want to be with their friends and play with them more over time. Since they know that they are in a safe place, their sense of self-confidence develops.

Children’s ability to express their thoughts and to convey them to others also develops thanks to kindergartens. As their self-confidence develops in this way, children begin to consider themselves as important, talented, successful and valuable.

Children are taught Kurdish, Arabic and English in kindergartens where they grow up in a healthy environment, improve their social relations, self-confidence, respect for others, learn to share, develop cognitive language skills and acquire learning habits and concentration skills.


Fidan Mihemed, mother of Hêlan Ehmed (5) who goes to the kindergarten, said that her child had problems with socialization due to watching television for a long time, and that her child’s lack of communication with peers by staying at home causes problems in her interaction with them.

Fidan Mihemed was anxious about her child Hêlan, who spent most of her time alone in her room, watching television and having problems communicating with her peers.

Mihemed realized how the children in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood developed in terms of education and how their social relations with other children improved. Realizing the positive impact of kindergartens on children, the mother first researched kindergartens and then enrolled her child in one, which removed her anxieties and enabled her daughter to establish social relations with her peers.

Playing a major role in the environment in which children grow up, kindergartens also contribute to the development of children. They cultivate the mind and promote curiosity about learning and science.


The kindergarten Ezhar El-Musteqbel (Flowers of Future) was opened by Kongreya Star on July 7, 2017 in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood. There are 100 children aged between 4 and 6. The purpose of the kindergarten is to raise awareness of children and to provide a rich education.

It is known that science, which is the basis of nurturing children, is one of the most important resources during childhood. It might be difficult to change a child who is misguided at an early age.

The Ezhar El-Musteqbel kindergarten has 4 classrooms, a teachers’ room and a large area for various activities.


In the kindergarten, there are 6 teachers who are experts in the languages ​​​​of Kurdish, Arabic and English. Children are taught the basics of numbers, letters and names of the colours. There are also two managers responsible for the garden.

Fidan Mihemed is now happy that her daughter’s problems have been resolved. “I overcame my fears. It is now easy to communicate with her. As a mother, I help her do her homework,” she said.

Bêrîvan Ebdo, one of the kindergarten managers, remarked on the importance of kindergartens, saying, “Kindergartens are very important in controlling the behaviour and development of children in the sense of thinking and education, as well as the teacher’s communication with children in a conscious and responsible way.”

Şeza El-Terad, director of the Beraim El-Mustaqbel kindergarten where there are about 60-70 children, spoke about the difficulties faced by lonely children: “We try to remove psychological problems of children and establish a social life for them by taking precautions, strengthening education and increasing our relations with the children around us.”

Sheza El-Terad stated that the kindergarten is attempting to create a promising generation to lead a moral society with knowledge.


Kongreya Star is setting out to open another kindergarten in the Şêxmeqsûd Neighbourhood after providing the necessary equipment, location and expert staff of teachers.

Zeyneb Îbo, one of the directors of Kongreya Star, spoke about the preparations: “As the number of neighbourhood children is increasing, we are preparing to welcome all neighbourhood children, especially children whose mothers are working at kindergartens.”

Zeyneb Îbo said that mothers reacted positively to kindergartens. “Many mothers want to register their children at kindergartens since they raise awareness of their children and are helpful.”