Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement: Painting helps children to grow confident

This report by Nûjîyan Adar was published by ANF English on 8 May, 2022

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement stresses the importance of education of children, both contributing to the development of children and trying to attract them to art with its painting course.

Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement contributes to the development of children by opening painting courses in many cities, because art has many positive effects, such as increasing concentration and self-confidence.

Besma Hüseyin Anter, who is both an art and music teacher, gives painting training to children aged 7-14 in the painting group affiliated with Hilala Zêrîn. Anter has been in Hesekê for 9 months. She has two groups of students, one up to the 6th grade, and the second from the 7th grade. Pointing out that painting, which reveals the perception, skill and creative power of children, is both a tool of communication and self-expression, Besma said: “Learning new things is beneficial for the development of children and children are happy. They like to paint. They started with small drawings, but today they can draw any picture they want.”

Two days a week courses

Stating that they are content with two days a week so that children do not have difficulties with school time, Anter said: “It is good to have two groups. Children’s ages matter. The education of young and teenager’s children inevitably causes disruptions. For this reason, rapid progress is made with training in two groups.”

Painting exhibition

Canda Abdulkadir said that the participation increased over time. They started with pencil drawings, then they moved on to colour drawing, and now they are working with various materials. Sharing that they will soon open an exhibition, Canda Abdulkadir added: “The Kezwan Culture and Art Center within Hîlala Zêrin is a suitable environment for painting works. That’s why we’re here.”

I love drawing

Levent Lokman Abdulrahman, who is 15 years old, said that he loves painting and has been doing that for 4-5 years. He joined the painting group affiliated to Hîlala Zêrîn for about a month to become stronger in painting techniques.