Despite Attacks, Tel Tamer Oven Provides Bread for People

This report was published by Hawar News on 17 February, 2020. It has been lightly edited for readability.

Despite the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries attacks on Seri Kaniye and its countryside, and the ongoing attacks against the Tel Tamer countryside, Tel Tamer bread oven has not stopped working.

The oven [bakery] was built in Tal Tamer in 2010. It provides Tal Tamer and its countryside, as well as the Zarkan and its countryside, with bread. during the attacks of the ISIS mercenaries in 2015, the oven was bombed and parts of it were damaged, but it never stopped working.

35 workers work in the bakery for 15 hours a day. It produces 11,000 packets of bread per day to secure the needs of the people, as well as the need of the forcibly displaced persons. Bread is distributed to the people through the communes of neighborhoods and villages.

The bakery administrator, Hassan Suleiman, mentioned that the oven used to produce 9,000 packets of bread per day, and that each pack contains 16 loaves. The production of the bakery increased after the attacks of the Turkish occupation and the forced displacement. Suleiman added, “The workers of the oven are Kurds, Arabs and Syrians, we do not want to decrease [the amount we work]. “We did not stop working in the oven during the attacks of ISIS mercenaries,” he said.

“Despite the attacks, the institutions have not stopped working. This is a sign of strength and determination against the occupation and its mercenaries,” said Abdul Rahman Mahmoud, a resident of Khoitla village in the north of Tel Tamer district. 

“The area’s oven is still in operation, the bread is for everyone, and we are happy with that. The bread is fairly small, but it fulfills the need. One oven is not enough to meet the needs of all the people, and we demand the establishment of another oven.”