Congratulations to workers on occasion of May 1st

These statements were published by Hawar News on 30 April, 2020

On May 1st, both Kongra Star and the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in al-Jazeera region congratulated all workers on this occasion.

Friday May 1st, marks the International Labor Day, as this day is celebrated by male and female workers for their efforts, and it is considered an official holiday in most countries of the world.

On this occasion, Kongra Star Coordination and the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in al-Jazeera region issued two separate statements.

Kongra Star’s statement:

“We in Kongra Star congratulate the anniversary of the International Labor Day which falls on the first of May..

In the beginning, we salute all workers around the world and women in particular for this occasion.

With the emergence of the state, stratification established in society, and with the development of the capitalist mentality, a large group in society was exposed to injustice, persecution, and digestion of rights, which is the working group, and because of capitalism that grew at the expense of the efforts of this working group seeking to secure its daily living, women were the most affected in this process, as their efforts were often exploited in the pretext of the nature of her smoother body compared to the man. On this basis, their rights were denied in terms of wages although they used to work with a number of hours equal to the number of hours men worked, and this was the way capitalist business owners dealt with workers, but this ran out the patience of the workers, and protests began demanding the rights.

These practices are still continuing to this day in many countries of the world where capitalism does not attach any importance to the efforts of the working and laboring group. Therefore, we must struggle and strive to eliminate together this concept that weakens the ethics and spirit of cooperation in society and work to build a society without stratification within which everyone enjoys their natural rights and works according to the principle of completing the other.

On this occasion, we appeal to the working women, wherever they are, not to remain silent about their rights and not to allow any person to exploit their toil and efforts because the human effort is what gives them the value and meaning, for which they deserve appreciation.

The statement of the Executive Council in al-Jazeera region:

“Workers and toilers celebrate each year May 1st , the International Labor Day.

This is a day that represents the common struggle of workers in the face of all forms of exploitation and injustice, and the investment of their efforts by the authoritarian regimes.

This societal segment that grew up in harsh struggle conditions gave it strength and will to resist exploitation and oppression.

It had an important and prominent role in our revolution in Rojava, North and East Syria through their struggle with other segments to achieve the goals of society; freedom, equality and democracy on the basis of fraternity and co-existence among all components.

On this occasion, while we congratulate all the toilers, workers and the whole of our people in northern and eastern Syria and the world on the occasion of the Labor Day, we call on our people to adhere to the curfew and preventive measures to ward off the threat of the Corona pandemic from our regions.

We appeal with the voices of all the free people in the world and the toilers to stop wars and conflicts to reach a lasting peace and security that preserve the rights and freedoms of peoples.”