Autonomous Administration Restores Water Supply in Heseke

This report was published by ANF English on 26 August, 2020

After a three-week interruption of the water supply in Greater Heseke by Turkey and allied militias, the autonomous administration was able to partially restore the supply through a well drilling program.

For more than three weeks, the water supply in Greater Heseke in northeastern Syria was interrupted because Turkey took the Elok (Allouk) drinking water pumping station east of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) off the grid again. But thanks to a well-drilling program, the autonomous administration has now succeeded in bypassing the blockade and restoring a large part of the water supply. The vital raw material is once again flowing from the taps in Heseke.

According to the local utility, 50 wells were drilled in Heseke, which could be connected to an existing water supply system in the central district of Hama. The wells have their own filters and cleaning systems. Therefore, the water does not need to be boiled before drinking. The supply of the districts of Ezîziyê, Salihiyê, Telayî, Xişman and Miftî is thus covered, although over 40 percent of households in other districts and in the surrounding area still do not have running water. Until a final solution is found, volunteers from the PYD (Democratic Union Party) are stepping in.

The project was initiated by 60 activists from Dirbêsiyê. In cooperation with the local authorities, households in smaller neighborhoods such as Neşwa, Kebabê, Til Hecer, Nasira, Kelasê and Ziraa, which are still cut off from the drinking water network, are supplied with tankers. Currently, 60 tours per day are still being driven. The number is expected to increase this week. The activists have set themselves the goal of delivering at least 100 water loads daily.