Arî Clinic uses herbs to treat diseases

This report by Şêrîn Mihemed was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 10 April, 2023

Women working at the Arî Clinic, opened in Hasakah Canton three years ago, use herbs and plants as medicines in the treatment of various diseases.

Arî Clinic was opened in Hasakah Canton of North and East Syria three years ago by the Free Women’s Foundation. Women working at the clinic prepare cures and medicines by using various herbs and plants in the treatment of diseases. Ronida Nasser Khalaf, one of the employees at the clinic, says they serve the Syrian people, especially the people in the region. The clinic also holds free first aid and nursing courses for women.

 Indicating that they want to expand the clinic in the future, Ronida Nasser Khalaf said, “We make great efforts to reach all people.”

 ‘We treat skin diseases by using herbs and plants’

Another woman working at the clinic, Ahlam Al- Sayed learned how to use herbs and plants to treat diseases from her mother and grandmother. She told us that they treat all skin diseases by using herbs and plants. “We also offer physical rehabilitation to patients. We mix several herbs to treat patients suffering from paraplegic cerebral palsy without using chemicals. I make this mixture.”

Noting that women have used herbs to treat diseases for centuries, Ahlam Al- Sayed said, “Women continue to discover herbs to treat their children and diseases. Medicinal plants treat the disease from the root and cannot only stop it for a certain period of time even if it takes a long time.”

The clinic offers treatment to not only women in Hasakah Canton but also women from other regions.

The video below sadly does not contain subtitles.