Workshop opens in Dêrik to form young people in fields of cinema and theater

This report by Ekin Roni was published by ANF English on 28 August, 2022

A workshop opened in Dêrik with the aim of laying the groundwork for cinema and theater studies. The workshop aims to create qualified actors, scriptwriters and cinematographers within TEV-ÇAND.

In Rojava, the building of a democratic confederal system and the efforts to defend the country are predominant. On the one hand, the country is defended with great sacrifices, on the other hand, the effort to rebuild the field of culture and art continues. The academies, schools, and cultural centres opened with the revolution are multiplying. Young people are educated through institutions created by the revolution to raise its own artists.

The city of Dêrik has a special place in the work of culture. Dêrik, which has recently hosted cultural and artistic studies, especially in the field of cinema and film (especially thanks to the work of the Rojava Film Commune), has shown great interest in visual studies with its people and youth. The city of Dêrîk has recently been the set for Sevînaz Evdikê’s ‘Berbû’ movie, and is now providing the set for the Rojava Film Commune’s TV series.

Dêrik is a natural plateau, with the Tigris river, lakes and wheat fields on one side, and churches, mosques, warm people and nature on the other.

Dicle Culture and Art Center is an important venue in Dêrik. Culture and art workers, who made great contributions to the revolution with the Koma Cûdî music group and the Koma Ava Mezin theater group before the revolution, also carried out many works after the revolution.

The latest thing organised is an art workshop that opened in the cultural center with the aim of creating a basis for cinema and theater work. The workshop indeed aims to create qualified actors, screenwriters and cinematographers within the scope of TEV-ÇAND.

Script, camera and acting lessons were given at the workshop, which attracted great interest from the first day. Young people both learn and practice their art lessons.

The lectures given by the Rojava Film Commune are held by the Koma Ava Mezin theater group.

A little note: The movie Berbû, starring the people of Dêrîk, will have its premiere at the Dicle Cultural Center on 31 August 2022.