Work training for refugee women in Girê Spi camp

This report was published by ANF English on 8 September, 2021

The Girê Spi Refugee Camp administration has started a working training period for the women staying in the camp.

A working training period began 3 months ago, promoted by the camp administration for the women staying in Girê Spi Refugee Camp. The training will allow them to learn a profession and earn a living. 20 women attended the training where production of handmade crafts was taught.

Nadiya El-Ehmed, one of the refugees in the camp who attended the training told ANHA that she was happy both because she learned a job and because she and her family were able to earn a living thanks to this job. “It is difficult to live as refugees. After our city was occupied, we did not have the opportunity to make a living as we couldn’t continue our agricultural work.”

Another woman, Narîn Ebdurehman, said that thanks to what she learned in this training, she can create a project of her own and support her family with it.

Refugee women participating in the work training exhibited their work.