Women of Syria’s Manbij form group to empower women

This report by Saddam al-Hassan was published by North Press Agency on 13 July, 2021

Women in Manbij were able to break the barrier of marginalization and participate in all administrative institutions in order to develop themselves after the city was liberated from the Islamic State (ISIS), an official of the Democratic Civil Administration institutions in the city of Manbij, northern Syria, said on Tuesday. 

Nisreen al-Ali, a spokeswoman for the Zenoubiya Women Association in Manbij, said that women have recently managed to develop themselves somewhat, and have positions, opinions and participation in decision-making in running the city, “although we live in a tribal area that has denied women to prove themselves for decades.” 

On July 10, a group of women working in the Civil Administration institutions, civil society organizations and other women in Manbij announced the opening of a branch of the Zenoubiya Women Association in the city.

The first foundation conference for the association was held in the city of Raqqa in June with the participation of 150 figures representing military and political parties in addition to other women from northeast Syria.

The goal of the association is to “support women in all aspects of life, including political, social, cultural and economic ones,” al-Ali added.

She pointed out that the group is divided into a number of committees, namely the Economy Committee, which is responsible for opening economic projects for women to secure job opportunities, and the Social Justice Committee, which includes the Women’s House, in addition to the Reconciliation Committees whose task is to solve women’s problems of all kinds.

The association is considered “a reference for all the city’s women of all communities, and it helps to secure job opportunities for women, raise their awareness and work to stop violence and discrimination against them, and achieve equality between them and men,” according to al-Ali.