Women municipal police in Manbij

This report by Sîlva El Îbrahîm was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 7 January, 2022

Even though women municipal police of the People’s Municipality of Manbij are criticized by society claiming that “this job is a men’s job”, they keep working for the people. While the problems faced by women have been decreasing in the city with the efforts of women municipal police, the number of women municipal police is planned to be increased.

Women’s participation in the labor force is very low due to gender roles and the pressures to conform to these roles for women. Every day, many working women have to leave their job due to social pressure. However, the women living in NE Syria keep working despite social pressure and reaction against them. The People’s Municipality of Manbij was established in October 2016 several months after the liberation of Manbij. In a short time, the municipality activated its municipal police department. Xedir El-İbrahim received many criticisms because most municipal police officers were men.

She continues to work despite criticisms

Stating that she received many criticisms when she first started working as municipal police, Xedir El-İbrahim said, “But I was determined to keep working because I know that if women believe in themselves, they can do everything they want. Our society doesn’t accept women to argue with others. But their criticisms didn’t demoralize me. I keep working despite criticisms. Our society criticizes women for everything. I don’t care what others say about my work because I believe in what I do,” Xedir El-İbrahim said.  Her family told her, ‘this is not a women’s job’, but she didn’t listen to them and kept working.

The number of women municipal police will be increased

Now, many women work as municipal police officers in Manbij. Stating that women feel more comfortable telling what they face to women municipal police officers, Xedir El-İbrahim said, “As women municipal police officers, we mainly deal with problems faced by women. We go everywhere to solve the problems faced by women. The municipality plans to hire more women as municipal police officers. The number of women municipal police will be increased. An office will be open for women municipal police officers.”