[Video] A perspective on the war from Jinwar women’s village (Part 1)

First posted on Women Defend Rojava, 13 November, 2019

Jinwar women’s village is a project to build a free life, to find the future by walking there together, to change the world whilst living in the day to day. Crops are grown, bread is baked, children raised. And a new life carved out.

Although due to the location of the village many more vulnerable residents have moved to other places, life still goes on in Jinwar. Jinwar also holds a Jineoloji academy: the science of womens knowledge, the discipline of re-imagining knowledge and the sciences from an anti-patriarchal perspective, of redefining how, why, for what purpose and with what values knowledge is produced.

Rumet Heval, long time Jinwar resident and organiser, gave an interview to Women Defend Rojava from the village. In this first installment, she talks about the current situation, the relationship between science and imperialism, and the need to create a life based around collective women’s organising. The interview will continue…