Turkish Aggression Deprives One Million People of Drinking Water

This report was published by Hawar News, 10 October, 2019

The water directorate in al-Hasakah canton called on citizens to conserve water and not waste it, as a result of targeting the Alouk water station in Serê Kaniyê district.

The Turkish occupation forces bombed the Alok drinking water station in Serê Kaniyê district of Hasakah canton, which feeds one million people.

Accordingly, the Directorate of Water in Hasakah canton issued a statement calling on citizens to preserve the water available to them, read by the co-chair of the Directorate of Water, Sozdar Ahmed.

It states:

“At 15:00 yesterday, the Turkish aggression targeted the Alouk drinking water plant in Serê Kaniyê, and targeted it with about ten shells, three of which fell on the pumping hall and hit the power lines, which led to the station’s termination.

Therefore, we call upon our fellow citizens to preserve the water available to them, and we appeal to humanitarian organizations to do their duty to reduce the occurrence of a humanitarian catastrophe by depriving one million people of drinking water.

We promise our people to do our best to get water to them. “