Tishrin Dam operates only 6 hours per day – AANES

This report by Fadi al-Hussein was published by North Press Agency on 25 July, 2023

An official from Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), said on Tuesday that Tishrin Dam, on Euphrates River, in the countryside of Manbij, northern Syria operates for only six hours a day, after 85 percent of its lake water level was depleted. Hamoud al-Hamadin, an official in Tishrin Dam, anticipated that the dam will completely be out of service at any time.

The water level of the Euphrates River has dropped by five meters recently due to Turkey’s seizure of the river’s water. The flow rate has been limited to 200 cubic meters per second, which is a serious breach of the 1987 water-sharing agreement signed with Syria and Iraq under the United Nations’ supervision. The 1987 agreement stipulates Turkey’s permanent commitment to pumping 500 cubic meters of water per second from the Euphrates River towards Syria.

Al-Hamadin said that the lake has lost more than 85 percent of its reserve. If the dam lose more of its reserve, it will be turned into a riverbed. The dam stops working for about 18 hours a day. Only two turbines of six operate, the official told North Press. He also highlighted that electricity generated on the dam does not meet the population needs, especially in summer. Electricity rationing stems from the low level of water, according to al-Hamadin.  Euphrates River has recorded the lowest inflow due to withholding water by Turkey for more than thirty months, he stated. Euphrates River and Dams’ lakes are witnessing the worst conditions ever, amid sweltering summer heat, he added.

Tishrin Dam is at the risk of stop operating at any time. This will occur if the dam reaches the dead level, less than 320m from sea surface.