The Consumer Co-op of Manbij

This short report was taken from this Facebook post by the Manbij Information Office, 5 June, 2018

The House of Co-operatives has coordinated with the Economic Assembly has to hold a meeting with the share holders in the Manbij Consumer Co-operative.

Administrator Ismail Khalil talked about the working of the co-operative society in Manbij, and said that the aim is to shut down the black market, regulate the prices and to develop the communal economy.

268 shares were distributed, the price for a share is 50,000 S.Y.P. [Syrian Pounds]. Each participant can have 1-20 shares.

They read the Internal System of the Co-operatives and a committee of seven members was formed, five administrators and two inspectors that supervises and co-ordinates work.

A financial report will be written every three months.