Self-Administration Celebrates the First Anniversary of its Establishment

This report was published by the Syrian Democratic Council, 8 September, 2019

On September 7, The Self-Administration of North and East of Syria celebrated its first anniversary of its establishment in Ein Eisa, with participation of various components of Northern and Eastern Syria from clans and civil institutions, in addition to participation of the Syrian Democratic Council and a delegation from International Coalition to fight ISIS.

During the ceremony, a number of speeches were given. The first speech was by the General Council of Self-Administration, which was read by the Co-Chair of the General Council, Fareed Ate, who congratulated on occasion of passing a year on establishment of Self-Administration and thanked the attendees for their participation.

Ate added that Self-Administration could organize society, provide social services and turned into an “integrated unit”, pursuing dialogue and acceptance of the other on the basis of integration and unity of the Syrian territories, seeking to transform Self-Administration as a model to solve the Syrian crisis.

For its part, the joint presidency of the Executive Council (Perivan Khalid – Abd Hamid al-Mehbash) in their speech thanked the martyrs who sacrificed in order to build a decent life for all Syrian components.

The Joint Presidency of the Executive Council also pointed out that Self-Administration has entrenched the concept of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples as a message to the whole world, that those who fought terrorism are capable of building life, ensuring security and stability.

Among the speeches of the Presidency of Executive Council: “Self-Administration is one of the decisions of the third conference of the Syrian Democratic Council, which was held in the middle of last year, in order to preserve the rights and gains, provides all kinds of services, creates conditions for reconstruction and building, and supports effective participation in the political settlement throughout Syria.” The speech noted the effective role of women in Self-Administration, through adoption of the principle of gender equality and creation of conditions for effective leadership of women.

The Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar gave a speech congratulating the components of Northern and Eastern Syria for this achievement and praised the role of SDF, which sacrificed with thousands of martyrs for a free and dignified life.

Omar also said: “Self-Administration is the only project that reflects the aspirations of the Syrian people, so it should not be excluded from efforts to find a solution for the crisis and build a decentralized democratic Syria.”
Omar pointed out in her speech to challenges facing Self-Administration and the most important of which, are the ongoing Turkish threats that are trying to undermine the will of the components of Northern and Eastern Syria and abort this experience in its cradle.

In addition to a speech on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces delivered by the leading, Nowruz Ahmed, who blessed the anniversary of the establishment of Self-Administration, and touched on a number of topics, the most recent understandings on the “security mechanism” and Turkish threats, as well as talking about working to develop the Syrian Democratic Forces and enabling them to protect the gains made by virtue of their sacrifices.

Many congratulations and blessings were sent from political powers and community activities.

The concert ended with artistic performances from the region’s cultural heritage, including folk songs and dance folklore.
Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
September 8, 2019