Profits of Rojava Women’s Agricultural Co-operative Surpass 30 Million SYP

This is a translation of an Arabic article that first appeared on Hawar News on 24 September, 2016

After a whole year of steady work, the Women’s Agricultural Co-operative Society has distributed the dividends to the participants, the profits estimated more than 30 million SYP [roughly £43,000 at the time of original publish].

A meeting was held at the People’s House in Derik in order to calculate and distribute the profits of the co-operative for the agricultural season of 2015-2016. It was attended by the members of the co-operative and many representatives of the Economic Committee and Kongreya Star.

The meeting started with a minute of silence, then Kulstan Ahmed Osman, an administrator of Kongreya Star, congratulated all the women who worked together to make the project succeed. Kulstan praised their efforts, and their spirit of co-operation and participation.

Delal Afrin, an administrator in the Committee of Women’s Economy that belongs to the Centre for Economic Development in Rojava, talked about the importance of establishing and developing agricultural co-operatives, including women, and reinforcing communal work.

After the speech, they proceeded to evaluate the women agricultural co-operatives and discuss the profits and expenses. The profits reached 30,604,500 SYP, and 226,700 SYP [roughly £324] was distributed to each participant.

The Women’s Agricultural Co-operative was established in 2015 by Kongreya Star and the Committee of Women’s Economy. It includes 135 members from Derik and the villages of Braaf and Kojerat, who each participated with 65,000 SYP, and planted on 380 dunams of land.

The co-operative is supervised by an administrative committee that includes 15 members.