New Water reservoir to feed Syria’s Kobani

This report by Fattah Issa was published by North Press Agency on 5 June, 2023

An official in the Water Directorate of Kobani, northern Syria, said on 5 June that building works of a water reservoir have finished on Mashtanour hill and would be connected to the water system within a week to feed about a thousand houses in the city.

The reservoir has a capacity of 1,400 cubic meters of water.

Masoud Bozi, co-chair of Water Directorate of Kobani of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), told North Press that they finished the construction of the reservoir and pumping water trials. In the next few days, they will connect the reservoir to the water system of the city.

The Water Directorate started construction on the Mashtanour hill on October 17, 2022 and was scheduled to complete within six months.

However, the earthquake that hit the region on Feb. 6, the Turkish shelling against the city, and the frost delayed the implementation of the construction of the reservoir from April to June, Bozi added.

He noted that the Directorate will connect it to the water system in the city within a week to supply water to four neighborhoods that did not have access to water during summer.

The project cost $211,000 after expanding the reservoir’s capacity from 1,000 cubic meters to 1,400 cubic meters, according to Bozi.

Bozi previously stated that the cost of building the reservoir with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters was estimated at $ 181,000.

The Directorate previously stated that the capacity of the reservoir that feeds Kobani with water in the al-Izaa area is 10,000 cubic meters and pumps water to neighborhoods once every two days.