Message from Jinwar Women’s Village in Rojava

Jinwar Women’s Village

JINWAR Free Women's Village is an ecological women's village in the heart of Rojava.

This message and photos were posted on the Facebook page of Jinwar Women’s Village, 18 October, 2019

Dear Friends of JINWAR!

Thank you for you solidarity and support!
We really feel all your voices and this has a big meaning for all of us.
Situation in our country is really heavy. Turkish State is not stopping attack us, using the dirtiest methods of annihilation as napalm and phosphorous forbidden chemical weapons, they using all its power to attack our areas. Tens of thousands of mercenaries of Daesh and Al-Nusra remnants participated in the attack alongside Turkey.”
This attacks are leading to civilian massacres.
Our defense forces bravely continue inflict heavy blows against the occupation forces.
Many off them already gave their lives in this heroic battle.

As women from Jinwar we have been forced to leave our place because of this dangerous situation.
Turkish state are throwing bombs on our region and sky over JINWAR is daily cross by military planes and drones.
This is also part of strategy of Turkish occupation, they want make the people leave to be able attack easily.
All women and children from Jinwar we are very affected by the situation and worried about future of us and our children. Our daily life effort have been interrupted, our work, everything what we have build during this time together, is under direct danger to be destroyed.
Our land is getting plunder our trees are getting dry.
But our will, hope, conviction and believe in a society base on democratic and communal values, our strength of women who struggle for freedom is stronger than ever.
We know that our path is right and we will resist and fight, to keep the river of democratic nation alive.

Situation of all women, mothers and children of our village is difficult, we had to leave our houses our children are afraid and we don’t know, what will be the next. Anyhow we haven’t suffer personal damage and we are all safe till now. But winter is coming and situation is getting harder and harder.
In this diffuseness we need any support and help as people from all Rojava do.
We need all the people, who share our values and principles to stand up and support Democratic Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria and take action against the Turkish occupation.

Our mood and motivation stay high and we continue live our lives follow our values, day by day and any circumstances. We stay together and believe in our people and society which sticks to own principles.

Only unity and common struggle can bring us to victory.