Female traffic officers direct traffic in NE Syria

This report by Leyla Mohammed was published by Jinha Women’s News Agency on 27 May, 2022

In northeastern Syria, female traffic officers work hard to direct the traffic and ensure safety. “Women have proven themselves in this field,” said Berivan İsmail, the director of the Cizire Region Traffic Center.

The Traffic Police Center was founded in northeastern Syria in 2014 to prevent the entry of unknown origin in the region by traders who played a great role in the illegal import of cars, direct traffic and ensure road traffic safety.

Many female and male worked to direct traffic

After the announcement of the establishment of the Traffic Police Center as a part of the internal security forces in northeastern Syria, many women and men applied to be traffic officers. They received training courses to learn global standards in traffic rules and road signs. Speaking about the establishment of the traffic center, Berivan İsmail, the director of the Cizire Region Traffic Center, told us that before the announcement, many men and women working for the municipalities directed traffic in plain clothes. “The center was officially established in the beginning of 2014,” she said.

 “Women have proven themselves in this field”

Giving information about the roles of the center and its branches in directing traffic, Berivan İsmail said that there were a couple of female traffic officers at the beginning. “The female traffic officers play an important role in directing traffic in cities and towns. They have proven themselves in this field.”

 “All vehicles are registered”

Emphasising that they, as traffic officers, always improve themselves, Berivan İsmail said, “At the beginning, we faced many challenges while directing traffic but now everything has changed. The drivers apply to the center when they want to register their cars. Now, all vehicles are registered.”

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