Ecological Platform to be established in North and East Syria

This report was published by ANF English on 28 April, 2024

The Ecological Council of North and East Syria, which held its first conference in Qamishlo, took the first step towards the establishment of an Ecological Platform.

The Ecological Council of North and East Syria organised a conference in Qamishlo on 26-27 April with the participation of 120 delegates.

After the conference, where rich discussions and evaluations were held, the final declaration, consisting of two parts: Principle and Policy, was announced.

In the 13th article of the declaration under the title “Policy”, the importance of the ecological platform was emphasised and a striking proposal was made.

In the relevant article, it was stated that “an effective institutionalisation and organisation of a platform called ‘Kurdistan Ecology Platform and Earth Day’ together with the North and East Syria Ecology Committee should be ensured against the policies that created the drought and climate crisis”.

Coordination with the European Ecology Committee

In addition, a proposal for coordination with the European Ecological Committee under the leadership of the Ecological Assembly of Rojava (North and East Syria), was made. This proposal involves ecological movements, environmentalists, associations, activists and researchers in the four parts of Kurdistan, as well as the Kurdish diaspora.

The Co-Chair of the Ecological Council of North and East Syria, Îbrahîm Mihemed, spoke to to ANHA about the results of the conference and the proposals developed for the establishment of an ecological platform.

Mihemed stated that the discussions and participation of academics at the conference were very rich in terms of ecological science.

Mihemed also stated that extensive discussions were held in line with Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s defences and evaluations on ecology.

Emphasis on joint struggle

Mihemed stated that as a result of the conference, a call was made for a common struggle against the policies of the Turkish state that destroy nature and the environment. With this call, the importance of a common struggle against the hegemonic and colonial system was emphasised and a proposal was made to form an ecological platform.

Stating that they have started negotiations within the scope of the developed proposal and that they are in the preparation stage for the construction of the platform, Mihemed said, “Work will begin with the establishment of the platform. We see ecology as life. Firstly, we will determine the distance from nature and the reason for the disconnection and continue our work in this context.”

Emphasising that the platform is open not only to ecological organisations but to all parties, Mihemed called on movements, organisations and academics in Kurdistan and worldwide to take part in the ecology platform.