Decisions from Kongreya Star’s Seventh Congress

This is a translation of an Arabic article that appeared on Hawar News on the 17 August 2018.

Important decisions were made at the seventh congress of Kongreya Star. The congress was held under the banner, “We will make the women’s revolution a communal revolution!” The conference was held in Aram Tigran Cultural Centre in the city of Rmelan in the canton of Qamishlo, and it was attended by about 700 representatives.

The decisions were:

  • To work communally, break the imperial system and establish the principles of the Democratic Nation.
  • Organise lectures, meetings and discussions to introduce women to the ideas of Abdullah Ocalan.
  • To rely on the ideas of Democratic Confederalism in order to develop and sustain the committees and communes.
  • Women to work in their communes, to open more communes, elect more committees, and train the administrators.
  • Establish centres to protect women from the authoritarian and patriarchal mindset.
  • Kongreya Star to train men to change.
  • Establish academies to train society on the principles of the Democratic Nation.
  • Organise a training committee to operate in all of Rojava.
  • All committees should develop their communes responsibly.
  • Train the members of communes and committees.
  • Organise Kongreya Star’s training committee.
  • Establish a committee to create administration and training materials.
  • Give lessons about the language that will be used for training.
  • Develop the economic committees.
  • Rely on the communal economy in all communes.
  • The purpose of co-operative societies is to self manage.
  • Make more decisions about the women’s economy.

The decisions about self-protection:

  • Organise the civil women’s forces in Rojava.
  • The civil women’s protection forces are responsible for training the women in communes in self-protection
  • Develop the committees of self-protection in all cities, towns and other locations (Female Asayish, Women’s Protection Units and civil women’s protection forces)
  • Dig trenches and cellars with the help of self-protection forces.

Decisions about the Diplomatic Committee:

  • Introduce the system of Kongreya Star and its work
  • Participate and co-operate with all the sections of society, political parties of the region, organisations and institutions, and establish good relations with them.
  • Consider and follow the decisions that were made at the conference of Women’s Diplomacy.

Decisions about the Media Committee:

  • Develop and organise women in the media.
  • Announce plans for the re-organisation and rebuilding of Kongreya Star.
  • Support the media institutions that belong to women.
  • At least one member of the Media Committee should be a member of Kongreya Star.

Women’s Justice Committee

  • Organise and develop businesses in Rojava.
  • All committees and Kongreya Star are responsible for the protection of women’s laws.
  • Establish training courses, lectures and organise meetings about the laws connected to women.
  • All members of the Women’s House and the Peace Committee should undergo training courses.
  • Hold a conference about the Committee of Women’s Justice.

The Committee of The Golden Crescent

  • Establish and develop communes and cultural committees.
  • Include the women’s revolution in culture and art.
  • Organise activities against violence against women, child marriage, polygamy, and care for the problems of women.
  • Develop art and culture.
  • Make films and programmes about women’s resistance and martyrs.

Decisions about the Health Committee:

  • Organise and develop health work.
  • Give importance to activities and develop them in committees and communes.
  • Organise communal health lead by women.
  • Establish training courses in academies about women’s anatomy for all women.
  • Make banners and booklets about women’s health.
  • End cesarean birth.
  • Organise courses to raise awareness about breast feeding and childbirth and develop different activities in this field.
  • It is important to follow the decisions of the conference.

Decisions about the Political Committee:

  • Develop relationships with women’s political parties.
  • Develop mutual programmes and activities.
  • Evaluate the requests of the political parties that want to organise themselves under the umbrella of Kongreya Star at the seventh conference, and make decisions about them.
  • Hold courses, lectures and meetings about the politics of women, participate in the ecological democratic politics and women’s freedom.

Decisions relating to the Committee of Councils:

  • Organise and develop independent activities among the councils.
  • Set up women’s offices in all councils.
  • Spread information about the environment and make environmental projects.

Decisions relating to Jineolojî:

  • Run courses, lectures and meetings to introduce Jineolojî to the public.
  • Develop education and research in all fields.
  • Research the history of women.
  • It is important to follow the decisions of the conference.

Decisions relating to the society:

  • Hold conferences for the Committee of Sports, the Committee of Workers and the Committee of Religions and Beliefs.
  • Follow the decisions of the Conference of Wives of Martyrs.
  • Develop social activities and build parks.
  • Establish the Committee of Children.
  • Develop social services and projects for people with special needs, orphans and the elderly.
  • Organise and train the Wives of Martyrs.

Decisions relating to the Young Women:

  • Young Women are the force behind Kongreya Star.
  • Increase co-ordination between the Young Women and Kongreya Star.
  • Follow the decisions that were made by the Young Women.