Aborîya Jin Plant 3,800 Trees

Jîyan Project

A Kongra Star women’s agricultural project supported by Water for Rojava (W4R) covering 400 hectares between 9 villages close to Derik. The are growing tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, aubergine, parsley, peas, garlic, sunflower, okra. They plant first in greenhouses then transfer seedlings to the land. There are two historic wells from the Regime times with

This is an English translation of a report originally published in Kurdish by Aborîya Jin, the Women’s Economy Committee of Kongra Star Women’s Movement in North and East Syria on 1 March, 2023

3,800 trees were planted as part of the “Jîyan” project in Derik on the basis of decisions taken in the 3rd conference of the Women’s Economic council of Kongra Star, organised by the Aborîya Jin office in Qamishlo.

Trees were planted in the Derik region as part of the Jîyan project that the Rojava Ecological Women’s Platform is working with to protect the environment, and as a gift to all those who have given their lives to protect the revolution. The motto of the project is “Against chemical weapons that try to turn the country into a desert and an earthquake site, we will plant forests.”

Dozens of members of the Qamishlo Women’s Economic Committee planted 3,800 grape, fig, mango and olive trees in Melamerze village in the east of Derik.

Meyasa Faruq, a coordinator of the Women’s Economic Committee, wished all the women a happy 8 March during the planting of trees and said that by planting these trees, they aim to increase the level of greenery in the area, so that the soul of each martyred friend will be resurrected with the blooming of each tree.

The trees were planted over an area of 120 dunams (decares) as part of the Jîyan (“Life”) project. Tree planting was expected to continue until 4 April, the birthday of Abdullah Ocalan.