Zanîn Medicine Co-operative Prevents Selling of Expired Medicines in Qamishlo

This is a translation of an Arabic article by Murad Kinda that first appeared on Hawar News on 28 October, 2017

Development continues in many fields in Rojava and Northern Syria and some of it is in the health sector. 85 members of the Union of Pharmacists formed a medicine co-operative called Zanîn in order to prevent the selling of expired medicines. Each of them participated with 100,000 SYP [Syrian Pounds].

Since the start of the revolution, the people in Northern Syria have made long strides in social organisation and in setting up communes and co-operatives. Communal life and participation in the democratic nation is a new experiment in Rojava. This engaged way of life is manifested through communes and co-operatives, which have been established in Rojava under the most difficult circumstances.

We will solve these problems through co-operatives

Loqman Abdulla, a co-ordinator at Zanîn Co-operative who has been a dentist for 30 years, left his job in 2012 and joined the activities of the communes and co-operatives. Abdulla talked about the problems in securing medicines and the aim of the co-operative. He said, “The reason for the shortage of some medicines is most likely that the traders hide them to sell later at higher prices, and that has a very negative impact on people’s lives. We’re trying to solve this problem through this co-operative, and we’re also trying to develop it, because the co-operatives are the foundation of communal life.”

Abdul Baqi Abdul Salam, another co-ordinator at Zanin Co-operative, said, “The co-operatives belong to the people and this strengthens the spirit of participation throughout society. We have formed this co-operative for the health of the people, and to prevent the sale of expired medicines.”