We Want to Build a Self-Sufficient Economy in Kars

These two videos and the text below were published on Medya News on 25 August, 2020. Sadly, two months after this was published, Ayhan Bilgen was arrested with 16 other HDP politicians. His Co-Mayor Alaca was also removed from office, and a trustee was appointed to the Kars Municipality by the Interior Ministry of Turkey. After he was arrested in October 2020, Ayhan Bilgen was transferred to the Ankara Sincan Prison and was found not guilty of terrorism related charges in the Özgür Gündem trial on the 15 October 2020.

Despite the widespread dismissal of HDP mayors and their replacement by government appointed trustees, Kars Municipality – still under the co-chairmanship of Ayhan Bilgen and Şevin Alaca – is carrying out important activities on such issues as nourishment, co-operatives, and women’s rights.

Ayhan Bilgen, who has spent many years in politics and has been working hard as co-mayor of the municipality, is an intellectual. We asked him about the municipality’s cooperation with NGO’s and how the success of HDP municipalities in local areas affect municipal government.