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Voices from the streets of Afrin 24/02/18 – Defend Afrin, Resistance Diaries #04

This report was originally posted by Internationalist Commune, 2 March, 2018.


In the morning we join a big demonstration organized together with the people in Afrin. This is a very important part of the resistance, bringing the people together and showing determination to resist. We interview different women from different ages involved in the campaign ‘women rise up for Afrin’. After the demonstration, we talk with local journalists that are interested in our story and want to interview us. We tell them we are not important, what really matters are the stories of the people who is there everyday, resisting under the bombs. But as we are interested in what they have to say, they are interested in what we have to say, and we discuss with them about the situation of internationals. In the night we also record in the tents were the convoy is staying, and we interview everyone who wants to speak to the camera.