Together with Communal Economy towards a Democratic Society

Jîyan Project

A Kongra Star women's agricultural project supported by Water for Rojava (W4R) covering 400 hectares between 9 villages close to Derik. A Jiyan Project has also now been launched in Raqqa as of 2024.

This is a translation of an article originally published in Kurdish by the Economy Committee of Kongra Star Women’s Movement in North and East Syria on 17 February, 2022

The Women’s Economy Committee of the city of Derik began cultivating crops in Mela Merza.

The Women’s Economy Committee in Derik city has been able to accomplish many achievements and expand its projects in a short period of time.

With a large number of women workers, the Women’s Economic Committee was able to allocate an area of 17 hectares for the cultivation of onions, a hectare for garlic, 5 tons of onions to plant in the coming years, 20 hectares of irrigated wheat, a hectare of lettuce. The administration of Derik’s Women’s Economy Committee stated that the needs of the region will be met through organising these projects.

The Committee has been working on a project for planting all kinds of greens, onions, garlic and lettuce for some time.

The women begin farming first thing in the morning. This project provides job opportunities for more than 40 women, some of whom also live at the project site.