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The People Expand Rojava’s Communal Economy

This is a translation of a Turkish language article which originally on Özgürlükçü Demokrasi, 1st October, 2016

The Qesrik [Kasrek] Co-operative is one of the largest institutions of social economy in Rojava. The 4,000 members of the co-operative are working on projects in agriculture and animal husbandry. Two months ago, following many meetings and much deliberation, the villagers of Qesrik, 50 kilometers south of Dirbêsiyê, constructed a large co-operative. Every member pays $100 dollars to participate in the co-operative. With the construction of the economy, the goal is to develop the social economy, strengthen communalism and promote the feeling of co-operation among the citizens.

The Qesrik Cooperative spans 37,000 acres of land, with an 8-year working plan and 7 projects around animal husbandry. 5,000 acres of this land are reserved for wheat, while 3,000 acres are reserved for cumin, and 3,000 for lentil and chickpeas. Also, 25,000 acres will be devoted to greenhouses. In order to efficiently proceed with agricultural work, four tractors, four haymakers, two storehouses of fuel, two trucks and a minibus for transportation have been provisioned.

Şêrîn Mehmûd-Wiyam Elî / Dirbêsiyê – Anha